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Intuitive Feminine Paintings & Mixed Media

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WulfWorks Visionary Art - Artist Bernadette Wulf - Photo by Benjamin Aronoff
Artist Bernadette Wulf

WulfWorks Visionary Art Is Magic!

Magic is everything that uplifts your spirits and raises your vibration. When you feel uplifted, your life flows more smoothly and your health and happiness are greatly enhanced. That’s the sort of magic that makes the world a better place, and I believe it is the most important purpose of art.

WulfWorks Visionary Art tools of the trade - Bernadette Wulf

Hello, I’m Bernadette Wulf

I hope you will find something uplifting and inspiring here to add a little magic, beauty and joy to your life.

WulfWorks Visionary Art features wolves, angels, fairies, mythological themes, peace images, goddesses and gods – created with luminous veils of oil or acrylic paint and/or mixed media on canvas, board, or paper.

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New paintings coming soon. Come back to see what’s new!

Order WulfWorks Visionary Art Prints – Easy!   Fast!   Money back guarantee!

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AuroraSong1 - copyright Bernadette WulfBetween the Worlds - Copyright Bernadette WulfKeeper of the Trees - copyright Bernadette Wulf

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